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Shoot Production Recruitment in London

Shoot production recruitment is a highly niche area and requires a strong knowledge of the film and photography industry. Shoot Producers can work in-house for a brand, a production company, photographic agency, at a magazine or in a freelance capacity – to name but a few areas!

Other job titles for the same role include Photoshoot Producer, Content Producer, Creative Producer, Bookings Editor, Picture Editor, TV Producer or Video Producer.

Shoot Producers are hired to coordinate and oversee the overall production of a photo or filming shoot and this includes budgeting, putting together the creative team which includes photographers, models, hair and makeup artists sourcing and booking locations and props, arranging travel and accommodation if necessary, being on set to ensure the smooth running of the shoot and that the key stakeholders are happy, negotiating on rates and usage fees, invoicing and reconciliation after a shoot and potentially getting involved with post-production such as retouching. 

Searching for and finding the right Shoot Producer for the job involves assessing their exposure to the relevant industry, whether it’s fashion, lifestyle, tech or any other industry. Their shoot production background must be relevant for the role so it’s important to look at their past experience to see if it’s been in e-commerce, print, stills or video – or a mix of all of it! It’s also important to ask if they have international shoot production experience if that’s a requirement.


It’s equally important to assess their skills for the role. It’s vital to ensure they can use any required booking software and can grasp spreadsheets for budgeting, they need to be resourceful, creative and have great negotiating skills. A confident and friendly approach to dealing with clients, stakeholders or suppliers always goes a long way too! 

Other things to look out for in searching for or recruiting a Shoot Producer are the candidate’s temperament and characteristics. A Shoot Producer is usually able to work calmly under pressure and often on multiple projects simultaneously. They’re also well-connected with suppliers such as artist representation agencies, model agencies, location agencies and prop hire companies.

 At Lantern Recruitment we’re always connected with top Shoot Producers in London and who’s ready to move to their next opportunity. We’ve built and nurtured relationships with them and can easily identify the best fit for a client’s hiring requirements.

London Recruiters for Art Directors

A highly creative role that involves developing stills and moving image shoot concepts, designing imagery and being on set to direct the creative photoshoot team to produce beautiful content that matches the artistic brief and visual positioning of the brand. Once the imagery is created it’s also the Art Director’s responsibility to oversee any required retouching and finishing through giving notes to the retouching and graphic design teams.

As a leading London art director recruitment agencies, we understand Art Direction is integral at various stages of pre-production, on set and post-production. The role is not limited to shoot production however as it’s also required for illustration, visual merchandising and events for example.

The pre-production aspect of the role includes researching trends, selecting the right photographers or videographers, models, stylists, beauty teams and creating a mood board and shoot concept. The concept is usually presented to key stakeholders to obtain final sign-off.

Being on set is vital in order to direct the shoot team and ensure the creative concept is being met through photography or film, styling, set design, lighting and other visual factors.

Bookings Editors Recruitment London

Here at Lantern we understand recruiting a Bookings Editor in London can be difficult but we are here the help. The Bookings Editor role originated in the publishing industry and is similar in principle to a Shoot Producer job. Magazines employ Bookings Editors to organise photo and film shoots to be published in print or online.

A Bookings Editor will typically arrange and oversee model castings, source creative talent such as photographers, videographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists and locations for photoshoots.

A key part of the job is to develop and maintain relationships with external suppliers such as photographer’s agents, model agencies, hair and makeup agencies, production companies, prop suppliers, lighting companies and locations agencies.   

Another important aspect of the role is to manage the budget, seasonal production schedule and workflow for shoots and projects.

There is usually some admin involved in this role. Prior to a shoot it’s usual to create call sheets to be distributed to all crew attending a photo or film shoot. The job will typically also involve booking travel and accommodation for international shoots. After a shoot there is invoice and expense reconciliation plus ensuring that all production credits are given.

The Bookings Editor will collaborate with the Fashion Director, Art Director and Fashion Editor to come up with the story for each shoot and go on to select the right models and creative team.

One may start as a Bookings Assistant at a magazine and progress to become a Bookings Editor. It’s also possible to progress from a Production Assistant or Junior Shoot Producer. The next natural step would be Bookings Director who would perhaps oversee various departments including fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

In this evolving industry, many prominent online retailers such as Yoox Net-A-Porter, Matches Fashion and Farfetch also retain Bookings Editors for the editorial section of their sites.

Content and Photoshoot Producers Recruitment in London

This is an important role that requires a highly organised person with meticulous attention to detail and a solution-oriented approach.

A Content or Shoot Producer is responsible for arranging and organising the various aspects of a photo or film shoot. They may work in-house for a brand or a production company or creative agency.

The role involves:

Budget management – a budget will be allocated from a seasonal or annual budget for each shoot. The Shoot Producer is responsible ensuring that the entire shoot meets the budget and may often need to negotiate rates with suppliers.

Model casting and selecting creative teams – developing strong relationships with model agencies and artist representation agencies is useful in this role in order to option and secure the best model or photographer for the shoot and to negotiate rates and licensing fees when necessary.

Sourcing locations, props and lighting – as above it’s good to have strong relationships with these suppliers.

Securing permits, arranging travel and accommodation, visas and carnets – there is an element of admin involved and it’s a Shoot Producer’s job to arrange the logistics of the shoot which includes getting location permits, getting the crew and talent to the location and ensuring it runs as smoothly as possible.

Attending the shoot – it’s sometimes required for the Producer to be on set to resolve any issues on set and to ensure the crew and stakeholders are happy. A quick and resourceful mind is required to handle any unexpected problems that may arise such as replacing a member of the team who can’t attend, catering arriving late or missing props.

Invoicing and reconciliation – there is more important admin involved at the end of each shoot which includes invoicing and reconciling all expenses of the shoot.

Post-production – it is usually the responsibility of the Shoot Producer to ensure that the retouching and finalising of the imagery is signed off and completed within the deadline.

Creative Solutions Teams Recruitment in London

This team typically works within a publishing house on one or more magazine titles. Between editorial and advertising in magazines are advertorial or promotion pages and it’s the Creative Solutions Team who create these pages whilst working alongside the client or brand that is being promoted. The team can include Producers, Art Directors, Graphic Designers and Copywriters all working together to produce the visual and written content.

Overseeing this team requires people management, budgeting and forecasting, concepting, pitching and IT skills. A mix of creative and logical capabilities are useful in working this multi-faceted role.

Recruitment of Editorial Teams in London

Editorial teams work in magazine and newspaper titles as well as within larger brands with print or digital publications such as weekly editorial created by an online fashion retailer or a monthly supermarket magazine.

Editors will be head up by the different areas of content such as a Fashion, Beauty, Interiors, Travel and so on. They require excellent operational and communication skills. 

These Editor roles will invariably involve the following:
– Overseeing the department and managing the team
– Forecasting, reporting and delivering trends
– Attending high-level press events
– Attending global events such as fashion weeks or trade fairs
– Developing relationships with key fashion contacts and PRs
– Strategising with overall Editor or Publisher to increase advertising revenue
– Controlling and managing the departmental budget
– Increasing circulation and brand awareness
– Edit the publication to the finished standard

Editorial teams can also include the following roles: Deputies, Bookings, Writers, Picture Researchers. Graphic Designers, Art Editors and Assistants.

Teams are responsible for identifying news, trends and developments in their field and producing an overall content for their readers that is interesting, informative and visually captivating. Within these departments, they also commission the work required, write, edit or create the content, managing sponsored events and marketing projects.

Photographer’s Agents and Model Bookers Recruiters London

The role of Agent is commonly associated with an actor or celebrity however at Lantern Recruitment we specialise in Artist Agents who represent photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, art directors, illustrators and more recently videographers and moving image directors. This is a big industry in London, Paris, New York and other global cities. 

The role of an Artist Agent is varied and often all-encompassing. It’s the Agent’s job to make sure their artist is being represented in the best way possible through keeping their portfolios up-to-date and relevant and through ensuring the artist is visible to existing and new clients through marketing and social media. A top Agent needs to be confident, eloquent and well-connected in the industry. They also need to inspire the confidence of the artists they represent and manage their diaries and oversee the details of the projects they work on. Typical day-to-day activities include:

– Updating artist portfolios and recommending how the artist is presented on social media
– Contacting new and existing clients, arranging meetings to promote the artist
– Developing and nurturing relationships with clients who may work in-house for a brand or externally for a creative agency
– Booking the rest of the creative team including hair and make-up artist, stylist and models for their artists’ shoot
– Attending PPMs
– Managing shoot budgets

It’s important for the Agent to have a strategic approach to targeting clients – they want to match their artist with a client who has a similar visual identity or who aspires to create imagery that the artist is known for creating. So the role requires a mix of creative and strategic thinking. 

The salary range for an Agent’ can become very competitive after a few years of experience because of the demand for people who have the all-round skills required, particularly the ‘selling’ aspect of the role. Bonuses and commission usually top up the salary quite nicely too!

Model Bookers have a similar role to Agents except that they represent a roster of models and their role will also involve model scouting, casting and a lot of activity around fashion weeks. The role involves booking models on jobs for editorial or commercial work, arranging ‘go-sees’ for the models and importantly ensuring the models feel safe, secure and happy in their journey.

Recruitment of Retouchers in London

Retouching falls into the post-production phase of shoots and requires specialist training, excellent technical skills and meticulous attention to detail. It’s also usually part of the job to manage the schedule of images or projects and work to tight deadlines to produce the final imagery.

Experience in photographic and video post-production and high proficiency in software such as Photoshop, Capture One and Lightroom for image editing is usually required along with a strong understanding of colour correction and CMYK proofing.

Each company or brand may have their own retouching guideline or standards so it’s the retoucher’s job to either set those guidelines or ensure they are met. 


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