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Shoot Production Recruitment in London

Shoot production recruitment is a highly niche area and requires a strong knowledge of the film and photography industry. Shoot Producers can work in-house for a brand, a production company, photographic agency, at a magazine or in a freelance capacity – to name but a few areas!

Other job titles for the same role include Photoshoot Producer, Content Producer, Creative Producer, Bookings Editor, Picture Editor, TV Producer or Video Producer.



Shoot Producers are hired to coordinate and oversee the overall production of a photo or filming shoot and this includes budgeting, putting together the creative team which includes photographers, models, hair and makeup artists sourcing and booking locations and props, arranging travel and accommodation if necessary, being on set to ensure the smooth running of the shoot and that the key stakeholders are happy, negotiating on rates and usage fees, invoicing and reconciliation after a shoot and potentially getting involved with post-production such as retouching.


Searching for and finding the right Shoot Producer for the job involves assessing their exposure to the relevant industry, whether it’s fashion, lifestyle, tech or any other industry. Their shoot production background must be relevant for the role so it’s important to look at their past experience to see if it’s been in e-commerce, print, stills or video – or a mix of all of it! It’s also important to ask if they have international shoot production experience if that’s a requirement.


It’s equally important to assess their skills for the role. It’s vital to ensure they can use any required booking software and can grasp spreadsheets for budgeting, they need to be resourceful, creative and have great negotiating skills. A confident and friendly approach to dealing with clients, stakeholders or suppliers always goes a long way too!


Other things to look out for in searching for or recruiting a Shoot Producer are the candidate’s temperament and characteristics. A Shoot Producer is usually able to work calmly under pressure and often on multiple projects simultaneously. They’re also well-connected with suppliers such as artist representation agencies, model agencies, location agencies and prop hire companies.


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