Editorial Teams

Recruitment of Editorial Teams in London

Editorial teams work in magazine and newspaper titles as well as within larger brands with print or digital publications such as weekly editorial created by an online fashion retailer or a monthly supermarket magazine.

Editors will be head up by the different areas of content such as a Fashion, Beauty, Interiors, Travel and so on. They require excellent operational and communication skills. 

Editorial Teams

These Editor roles will invariably involve the following:

– Overseeing the department and managing the team

– Forecasting, reporting and delivering trends

– Attending high-level press events

– Attending global events such as fashion weeks or trade fairs  

– Developing relationships with key fashion contacts and PRs

– Strategising with overall Editor or Publisher to increase advertising revenue 

– Controlling and managing the departmental budget

– Increasing circulation and brand awareness

– Edit the publication to the finished standard

Editorial teams can also include the following roles: Deputies, Bookings, Writers, Picture Researchers. Graphic Designers, Art Editors and Assistants.

Teams are responsible for identifying news, trends and developments in their field and producing an overall content for their readers that is interesting, informative and visually captivating. Within these departments, they also commission the work required, write, edit or create the content, managing sponsored events and marketing projects.


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