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The role of Agent is commonly associated with an actor or celebrity however at Lantern Recruitment we specialise in Artist Agents who represent photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, art directors, illustrators and more recently videographers and moving image directors. This is a big industry in London, Paris, New York and other global cities. 

Photo Agents

The role of an Artist Agent is varied and often all-encompassing. It’s the Agent’s job to make sure their artist is being represented in the best way possible through keeping their portfolios up-to-date and relevant and through ensuring the artist is visible to existing and new clients through marketing and social media. A top Agent needs to be confident, eloquent and well-connected in the industry. They also need to inspire the confidence of the artists they represent and manage their diaries and oversee the details of the projects they work on. Typical day-to-day activities include:

– Updating artist portfolios and recommending how the artist is presented on social media

– Contacting new and existing clients, arranging meetings to promote the artist

– Developing and nurturing relationships with clients who may work in-house for a brand or externally for a creative agency

– Booking the rest of the creative team including hair and make-up artist, stylist and models for their artists’ shoot

– Attending PPMs

– Managing shoot budgets, 

It’s important for the Agent to have a strategic approach to targeting clients – they want to match their artist with a client who has a similar visual identity or who aspires to create imagery that the artist is known for creating. So the role requires a mix of creative and strategic thinking. 

The salary range for an Agent’ can become very competitive after a few years of experience because of the demand for people who have the all-round skills required, particularly the ‘selling’ aspect of the role. Bonuses and commission usually top up the salary quite nicely too!

Model Bookers have a similar role to Agents except that they represent a roster of models and their role will also involve model scouting, casting and a lot of activity around fashion weeks. The role involves booking models on jobs for editorial or commercial work, arranging ‘go-sees’ for the models and importantly ensuring the models feel safe, secure and happy in their journey.


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