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A highly creative role that involves developing stills and moving image shoot concepts, designing imagery and being on set to direct the creative photoshoot team to produce beautiful content that matches the artistic brief and visual positioning of the brand. Once the imagery is created it’s also the Art Director’s responsibility to oversee any required retouching and finishing through giving notes to the retouching and graphic design teams.

As a leading London art director recruitment agencies, we understand Art Direction is integral at various stages of pre-production, on set and post-production. The role is not limited to shoot production however as it’s also required for illustration, visual merchandising and events for example.

The pre-production aspect of the role includes researching trends, selecting the right photographers or videographers, models, stylists, beauty teams and creating a mood board and shoot concept. The concept is usually presented to key stakeholders to obtain final sign-off.

Being on set is vital in order to direct the shoot team and ensure the creative concept is being met through photography or film, styling, set design, lighting and other visual factors.

Post-production is the final part of the process where the Art Director will suggest retouching and design layout or colour correction ideas and oversee the process to ensure the final imagery meets the brand guidelines and values.

As the industry evolves there’s increasing participation in social media design, direction and digital delivery.

An Art Director will work closely with Art Buyers, Shoot Producers, Senior Stakeholders, Retouchers and Graphic Designers.

There are two main paths to becoming an Art Director. One might start as a Graphic Designer or Typographer and then progress to an Art Director. Others could start as Stylists and learn their skills from being on set and creating the looks.

The next natural progression from an Art Director position is usually Creative Director which has a higher responsibility and may also involve more overall strategy.

An Art Director’s salary will depend on the industry and the company. Larger companies may employ Junior, Mid-weight and Senior Art Directors in their creative teams.


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