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Content and Photoshoot Producers Recruitment in London 

This is an important role that requires a highly organised person with meticulous attention to detail and a solution-oriented approach.

A Content or Shoot Producer is responsible for arranging and organising the various aspects of a photo or film shoot. They may work in-house for a brand or a production company or creative agency.

The role involves:

Budget management – a budget will be allocated from a seasonal or annual budget for each shoot. The Shoot Producer is responsible ensuring that the entire shoot meets the budget and may often need to negotiate rates with suppliers.

Model casting and selecting creative teams – developing strong relationships with model agencies and artist representation agencies is useful in this role in order to option and secure the best model or photographer for the shoot and to negotiate rates and licensing fees when necessary.

Sourcing locations, props and lighting – as above it’s good to have strong relationships with these suppliers.

Behind the scenes, fashion shoot

Securing permits, arranging travel and accommodation, visas and carnets – there is an element of admin involved and it’s a Shoot Producer’s job to arrange the logistics of the shoot which includes getting location permits, getting the crew and talent to the location and ensuring it runs as smoothly as possible.

Attending the shoot – it’s sometimes required for the Producer to be on set to resolve any issues on set and to ensure the crew and stakeholders are happy. A quick and resourceful mind is required to handle any unexpected problems that may arise such as replacing a member of the team who can’t attend, catering arriving late or missing props.

Invoicing and reconciliation – there is more important admin involved at the end of each shoot which includes invoicing and reconciling all expenses of the shoot.

Post-production – it is usually the responsibility of the Shoot Producer to ensure that the retouching and finalising of the imagery is signed off and completed within the deadline.


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