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Here at Lantern we understand recruiting a Bookings Editor in London can be difficult but we are here the help. The Bookings Editor role originated in the publishing industry and is similar in principle to a Shoot Producer job. Magazines employ Bookings Editors to organise photo and film shoots to be published in print or online.

A Bookings Editor will typically arrange and oversee model castings, source creative talent such as photographers, videographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists and locations for photoshoots.

A key part of the job is to develop and maintain relationships with external suppliers such as photographer’s agents, model agencies, hair and makeup agencies, production companies, prop suppliers, lighting companies and locations agencies.   

Another important aspect of the role is to manage the budget, seasonal production schedule and workflow for shoots and projects.

There is usually some admin involved in this role. Prior to a shoot it’s usual to create call sheets to be distributed to all crew attending a photo or film shoot. The job will typically also involve booking travel and accommodation for international shoots. After a shoot there is invoice and expense reconciliation plus ensuring that all production credits are given.

The Bookings Editor will collaborate with the Fashion Director, Art Director and Fashion Editor to come up with the story for each shoot and go on to select the right models and creative team.

One may start as a Bookings Assistant at a magazine and progress to become a Bookings Editor. It’s also possible to progress from a Production Assistant or Junior Shoot Producer. The next natural step would be Bookings Director who would perhaps oversee various departments including fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

In this evolving industry, many prominent online retailers such as Yoox Net-A-Porter, Matches Fashion and Farfetch also retain Bookings Editors for the editorial section of their sites.



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